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  2. That’s fast. I got my CoE on the second bidding after my deposit. Getting the car this coming week almost 2 months from the date deposit was paid.
  3. Hi, visited Uncle Tony (Trendy Auto) today. He and Ah Teck (1st mechanic) were very meticulous in diagnosing the undercarriage noise. Conducted 3 test run (at driver seat, at passenger seat and at back seat) over uneven road in order to pinpoint the noise. Narrowed down to front left section. Dismantled the lower control arm, thrust arm and stabiliser bar. Inspected the joints and brushes. All found normal. During re-assembling, they applied a copper-coloured coating (appeared like liquid latex) on all the major bolts, screws and brushes as an anti-friction protection (most mechanics can't be bothered with such task). Eventually, nailed down to the front left suspension struts. He dismantled (very tedious task) the struts. Opened up the dust cover and big-O-rings. Use WD-40 and compressed air to clean up the dirt and oiled the internal rods. From my past experience, no workshop was willing to open up and oiled/clean the strut interior (see attached photo). Most will insist you to buy a new pair (not just the faulty unit) - taking the easy and most profitable way out but burned a big holes in customer's wallet. Bottom line, instead of paying for 1 pair of new front strut , 1 air pump and 1 block value for a quote close to $4k by another workshop, I gladfully paid $320 for his team's 5 hrs of workmanship. Once again, I must thanks member RX7EFFINI for his recommendation. I was tempted to keep good things to myself, as a secret !!! There again, nowadays we are living in an 'information sharing' society and obliged to share the good. Besides, it is a gem discovering honest and experienced mechanics who doesn't take the easy way out and do take pride in repairing stuff. Why replace where you can repair,,,the strut will now be good for another 25-30kkms. In our 'disposal-whatever' society, repair has increasingly becomes a dying word Have a good weekend...cheers...mike Like they said...happy like a toad. Saved myself a couple of thousands
  4. Got to use ATE or other ceramic brake pads for lesser brake dust.
  5. B . U . M . P Last item to go. Negotiable for sincere buyer. A45 Original Steering with airbag Thanks!
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  7. Feast your eyes on this early 1954 Mercedes-Benz 300SL Gullwing. View the full article
  8. Thanks for your comment. I will get a second opinion from uncle Tony... Appreciate your recommendation. By the way, what was your symptom that require to change the block valve?
  9. up for April!!!
  10. ) Fuel tank cap with cord(replacement if yours is broken - fit for W204-Kompressor or 7G) - $20 2) Used Philips H7 light bulb(W204) - $10 3) Customized specially cut-to-size dust-trap mat for W204 (Kompressor and 7G)boot - prevent spillage, trap dirt and provide a little sound-proofing as well - $40 4) Thinkware F750 in-car camera(front & back) SEALED & UNUSED - $520 or ONO : Best protection for your Investment/Asset! More information here: 7) One set(6pcs) brand new customized magnetic sunshade for W205 : $70 8) One pc custom made/fit rear-wind screen sunshade for W204(Kompressor and 7G can use): $38 9) Garmin portable GPS (just service and replaced battery recently) as good as new in original box and accessories - $88 10) Curtain for centre console drink area(For W204 Kompressor /7G) : $80 11) Original Mercedes(W204) Triangle safety breakdown sign : $15 First-come-first-get. Interested SMS 96834031 to confirm
  11. Hi rickosw, can please add me telegram chat.?

    my contact is 91548181

    Vel :W205

    Vel Reg date Aug 2016

    Vel no SGA8811K

    Any more details you need?


  12. Upper Thomson which workshop? Find one who really know how to do the proper diagnosis for you! I also kana the same as you when I go to those so called experience workshop. Kns! Ask me to replace all my absorbers & the air compressor too. At the end of the day, I only need to replace the compressor Block Valve. you can go to Trendy Automotives. Look for Uncle Tony to have your car properly diagnose with his licensed Xentry.
  13. Filed under: Earnings/Financials,Mercedes-Benz 10,000 jobs to go, magazine says, and there was a costly error from Tuscaloosa.Continue reading Daimler to cut $6.75 billion at Mercedes, sever ties with Renault-Nissan Daimler to cut $6.75 billion at Mercedes, sever ties with Renault-Nissan originally appeared on Autoblog on Fri, 19 Apr 2019 08:45:00 EDT. Please see our terms for use of feeds. Permalink | Email this | CommentsView the full article
  14. Yeah i think 2 months is resonable. Im not in a rush thou. However, I place deposit on Sunday, loan approved on Tues and got my COE on Thur. Haha consider very fast already
  15. Yes my very first Bro
  16. Everyday I need to wash my rims due to a lot of carbon power stick on my rims. I also used armor all rim protectant and the most 2 days, a lot carbon still stick on it. Any brand has less carbon?
  17. Please advise your contact number via pm. Need upgrade quote. Thanks
  18. Last week
  19. The price tag on mine was $190,888
  20. Hi Guys, We have a SGMERC Telegram chat, please PM Darksaint or myself to be added . Kindly provide your contact & car details thanks
  21. Hi W205FL members we have a SGMERC C Klass Telegram chat , please send your car & contact details to myself or Darksaint to be added
  22. Hi Friends, we have a SGMERC C klass telegram chat group to be added, please send your details (car & contact) to myself or darksaint
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