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  4. Price updated Taking up space in the boot
  5. BMW M240I, Scratched Front Bumper. Puttying Works Required! For more details, please feel free to contact: Darren - 9822 8346 Jack - 9681 7081
  6. It looks awesome. I'm also looking for a bodykit. Please could you let me know which workshop you went to for this, the contact there and the price please? Thanks !
  7. Hi Guys, BMC drop in air filter for sale. Previously fitted on W205 C200, please check with your own workshop for compatibility. Used for 1 year, bought from Benzline with receipt to prove, cleaned and ready for use. Comes w box. Looking at $100 cash and carry If interested, kindly SMS/WA 9697 Nine9Eight8 Thanks much.
  8. Hello folks. My ESL died last night. Towed it to the workshop to get it repaired.... Was charged a bill of 1.4k to repair (not replaced)... Got any contact for replacement instead? Pls drop me a line 9027724three Thanks.
  9. Hi i have the below for sales All items are in good condition with about 1year ish on the road usage. My car only going to be 2 years in March 2019 Negotiable but not lowballing 1. A45 flat steering 2. A45 Red BBK - Full set with SSBH and rotors - Fits A / GLA / CLA 3. 5 pcs of Laser Shades 4. Urban Diffuser (For Non AMG bumper) 5. 19" Original G25 rims (No kerb rash, 19 x 8.5 + 45) - May required swap with any stock rims and tyres, preferred 17") Please do contact me for prices and pictures @ Nine7Nine2Five6Five9 for sincere buyers thanks!
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  11. Quick update, i was able to get 739km on 62L of SPC 95. I am doing my usual average speed of 33Kmh. My C class typically gets 780+ but I am already pretty impressed with the efficiency of the E class having a much more powerful engine and heavier chassis.
  12. Mercedes 17 inch stock rim. The model is not so common. Staggered. Front 225/17, back 245/17. Currently on my w204, the offset is nice, wheels not so sunken in as the previous stock rims, slight kerb rash at edges of the rims, besides that, no other issue. Tires are Conti maybe good for another 3 to 4 months depending on how you drive. Saw something i like in a shop so thinking of changing but need to gauge interest on my existing rims. Keen make offer to 8618 24 eight eight to discuss.What's app, may be delayed but i will get back to you. No low ballers please. Thanks.
  13. MST Performance Cold-Air Intake For Mercedes CLA180 Installed.
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  15. 19th January 2019. Feedback from Surein driving Mercedes Benz CLA180 after troubleshooting and solve his car issues (Some active brake inoperational and other issues) Thanks for the honest feedback. Appreciate it. At dynotechnica we always strive to do our best for every customer’s car regardless of make and model.
  16. MST Performance Cold-Air Intake For Mercedes CLA180 Installed.
  17. Try to find a local warehouse who can help you to do shipping.
  18. The engine is amazingly smooth with the amsoil. Car feels totally different after engine oil and throttle reset (have to be done regularly). Problem is not many places that sells this engine oil at reasonable prices. $25 per quart is ridiculously expensive. Anyone knows where to buy it at r reasonable prices? Thanks
  19. Mercedes Benz E class W222 Thanks Boss, came by today for Rotation Tweeters. Available in stock for GLC, W205, W213 & W222
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