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  3. Looking for front AP 4 pot BBK for W204 prefl. Anyone letting go do let me know. Cheers!
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  6. Water condensation?? Can’t be the marks is inside the headlamp and definitely not common...
  7. 👍 hope to see all tomorrow for the meet up!
  8. Hi bro, how much for installation of Garmin map for w205 ?

  9. BMW 116D Monster Tuned. Monster Tune: -One of Singapore's leading continental car tuning brands with over 7000 dyno tuning sessions (continental makes) both locally and internationally. -In-house AWD Dyno with actual road load simulation capabilities. Only Dyno in the world to be able to simulate acceleration tests with actual road loading. -Provided tuning solutions at dealership/manufacturer levels (continental makes) -Dealership level diagnostics and repair capabilities (continental makes) More updates & info at
  10. Hi peeps! My w204 is displaying a message stating that “front left parking light on”. The strange thing is that i did not switch on the parking light! Initially I thought that my left parking light is faulty so I switched on parking light but it was working fine. Whenever I start the engine, this message appears on my display. Does any bros know what seems to be the problem?
  11. Another newly developed PureVision LED for vehicle's head-lights and fog-lights. Color temperature 6000k warm white. High brightness Non glare. 2300lm. 12 volts 25 watts. Small in size. Replacing most HID (2200lm). 18 months warranty.
  12. RSVP for 9tro Alliance Meet Singapore - Last Mega Car Club Meet Up for 2017 1) Roxxi - GLA 2) DarkSaint (SGMERC Mod) - C Klass 3) Datok Alvin- C Klass 4) President Jimmy - E63S 5) EOS - C Klass 5) Alex Lee - C Klass 6) Goh - GLA 7) Toh - E klass 8) Kenneth - C Klass Coupe 9) Jeremy - CLA 10) William - CLA 11) Ceno - C Klass 12) Derick - E Klass Koup 13) Alvin - C Klass 14) Desmond - C63 FlagShip Kar 15) Darren - C Klass 16) Julian - CLA 17) Big Boss Clement - Too Many MB to choose 18) Lex - C Klass Koup 19) Kenneth - C Klass Koup 20) Brendon - E Klass 21) Roland - GLA 22) Kelvin - CLA 45 23) Damien - CLA SB 24) Ian (Reserve slot) Safety Driver - C Klass 25) Mr Black Bear - He need no introduction - Most Firece E Klass Koup in town - Thank you Bro for the support always! 26) Weng Mun - c class coupe 27) Aaron Lew - C Klass 28) Eldwin - c class coupe 29) Deryk - C33 30) Hamster - Designo White GLC COUPE AMG 31) Winston - C Klass 32) chris sim - C Klass 33 & 34 ) Edwin Sia - Tank Commander , 2 Tanks ready to roll out 35) Kovan Lai - National Geography GLA 36) Chariot - Fierce SLK 37) Nic - Powerful C Koup 38) Lincoln Cheng - C klass 39 & 40) President Jimmy's Buddies - Ride - Dun know 41) Eddie - Chrome Green CLA 45 Zoom Zoom 42) Tyang's C Klass 43) Eugene Koh - CLA 44) Tony - Silver GLA 45) Shawn - CLA 46) Felix - C Klass Lets try to hit the big 50 !!!!
  13. Hi friends, I was told by the C&C service agent that the interior etch mark in the headlamps is a common issue. One of my headlamps has such marks (see photos). Any lobang to share on which shop can help polish off this interior etch mark? You can PM me.
  14. Kindly pm me the pricing and downtime required. thanks
  15. Hi there, please kindly pm pricing
  16. Same issue on w205 as well.will raise during my next service and share resolutions if any
  17. yup... im also hvng the same problem.... fogging in the car!!!! ?????
  18. Any workshop has helped rectify such problem?
  19. Hi, the interior part of B-200 driver seat belt rattle (see photo). I am guessing it is similar to a youtube driver identifying his BMW seat beat rattle. Need help.
  20. 16th December 2017. Mercedes Benz C180 kompressor doing servicing.
  21. selling the front lip and canards ?
  22. It is absolutely normal. I brake exactly like how you describe and realized that vibration, which disappears when I depress the brake harder. It is likely the DCT still trying to engage the creep mode because the brake has not been depressed beyond a certain point. Initially, I also encountered this when shifting to reverse after a stop but would get the message "Depress Brake to engage reverse" or something like that.
  23. Rem to take photo after the new mod.
  24. Got in touch with Sonic Racing. Just nice they have last pair in stock. Thank you!
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  26. Filed under: Mercedes-Benz,Tesla,Toyota,Truck,Electric The scrappy startup is targeting the same regional-hauling market as Tesla.Continue reading Thor Trucks is the newest electric semi startup Thor Trucks is the newest electric semi startup originally appeared on Autoblog on Fri, 15 Dec 2017 15:01:00 EST. Please see our terms for use of feeds. Permalink | Email this | CommentsView the full article
  27. Another Mercedes A45 Monster Tuned with antilag program in Hong Kong.
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