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  2. maps of M'sia and Singapore.Used once only for a road trip.Selling for $110. Comes with the box and all accessories. PM me to deal, cheers
  3. Pardon for asking noob question. I'm new to telegram 😂 How do I join the telegram? Can't seem to search the group name on telegram.
  4. S300 W221 model year 2009, done 100k kms, fully stock original cheapest in market now, take and go price!! guranteed best purchase. Genuine buyers only PLease, First to view and confirm drives home! Fast deal pls Whatsapp for viewing & details 9362 3352
  5. Hello. SB owner here too. Nice to meet all of you!
  6. If your E200NGT is the pre-facelift model, this is a typical issue. What you have to do is press the "Auto" aircon button, let the car select it's own fan speed (likely at full blast), then you readjust it down manually. Check and see if yours work that way.
  7. I have an issue with the 2 aircon vents in the center. No air is coming out, only the 2 sides and rear has aircon. Anyone faced similar issues before?
  8. Just failed the inspection as they detected some leak around the engine bay area. And like others mention, C&C quoted a ridiculous amount to repair the system which I highly doubt they have experience to find and fix the leak
  9. When COE drops, used car prices will also drop right?
  10. Bought from China and wanted to change my C Class W205 model with the Diamond Grille CLA look..However did not install at workshop as my wife don't like me to modify, Now selling cheap at just $120..Keen drop me a private msg
  11. Anyone has one to sell please PM me. Thx lz
  12. Mercedes Benz Steering Wheel Leather Wrap. Suitable for C-Class (W205), GLC-Class (X253) with non-AMG line Steering Wheels ie. Full round steering. Might be suitable for other MB models but you have to do your own homework to confirm. This particular wrap is genuine perforated leather at 3 and 9 o'clock positions, suede at the 12 and 6 o'clock positions. BLUE stitching and BLUE centre marker strip. This wrap colour was customised for me but unfortunate it is in the wrong dimensions as mine is the AMG-line D shaped steering. The last picture is my own sports steering wheel with a similar wrap but in "D-shape" ( installed by myself). Comes with all the tools and material required to self fit or bring to a workshop that can do leather stitching. Have online videos on how to do it yourself if you are feeling handy. Pretty easy. The perforated leather and suede replicates the various 63AMG steering wheel style, nice firm comfortable grip and adds thickness to the steering wheel for sportier feel. Customised Cost plus shipping and gst easily >SGD80 Asking for $50 cash and carry just to recover some cost. The actual kit I am selling. Some sample pics of same style, design but in RED stitching and RED Center Marker Strip. My own AMG Line Steering Wheel wrapped by myself in the exact same colour as what I am selling
  13. GLC 43 - style Quad Exhaust Tips (PAIR) This is a pair of quad exhaust tips to replace the factory stock ones (Dual exhuast tips) from GLC 250/250d with AMG Line or Outdoor exterior rear bumpers. Also seem to fit C-Class (W205), GLE too, please find out for yourself if the exhaust tips for all 3 model lines are interchangeable. Direct replacement using original bolts and holes. Can replace on your own if you are the handy sort. Note: these are for full exhaust tip replacement. Different from those plates that glue onto your existing tips. Good for those who are particular about being able to revert to stock easily next time. Accidentally ordered 2 sets of these when I only need 1 set for my own use. Brand new. 3rd Party non-mercedes benz. $259 cash and carry.
  14. Last week
  15. On a plus side, if COE drops to 10k in the next few months, just scrap and buy new one lar!
  16. w204 have ornot? haha
  17. Hi guys, jus gotten my gla today. Hope to join the whatsapp group. cheers!
  18. I find the brake assist rather useful. Give me full confident that i will always stop in time.
  19. 23rd June 2017. Mercedes Benz E200 doing check on rattling sounds and customized touch up ecu tune using New dimsport transdata.
  20. 23rd June 2017. Mercedes Benz Merc C180 changing legal exhaust and customized touch up tune using New dimsport transdata.
  21. I got this message when I reversed the car just now. What's the cause? Is one of the sensors faulty? Thanks in advance.
  22. But what's the use of higher paper value? I rather pay less than more! But got to move on or else, life will be miserable!
  23. Could it due to the intense heat that the rubber came off? I wonder did the South Africa factory "tropicalised" the rubber sealant to suit our hot and humid climate?
  24. PM sent. Thanks
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