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  3. Jerking during cold start from 1st to 2nd gear is a common problem for W221. It's a 7G gear glitch. I have lived with it for 4 years already Unless you do a transmission overhaul, nothing else will remove this problem even after Transmission ECU and valve body replacement. To overcome this jerk, I simply warm up my engine for 4 to 5 mins in the morning, drive slow on 1st gear for a couple of meters while manually shift up to 2nd gear, there won't be any jerk after that. Don't straight away step on accelerator hard on 1st gear, you will still encounter a jerk.
  4. Volvo S60, scratched front bumper solved! Kindly enjoy the photo. Check out the pictures below, call us now to find out more. Darren - 9822 8346 Shawn - 9731 7938
  5. I had mine on for 2 yrs without any peeling. Went through petrol station car wash using powerjet washers regularly without any peeling. Online search for other's experience seem like it last much longer. Especially if you are just using it on small parts like grills and chrome bits.
  6. I haven't got a quote yet. but I assumed won't be more than 2.8K as the replacement of ECU + servicing of valve body is around that price. For your jerks, have you tried resetting the adaptive gear change (whatever it is called) - sometimes the gear changes jerk a little when I change driving styles :).
  7. Thks for the infor and pics. How long can it last bf it started to peel?
  8. Mine is 1 year old A200FL. I tried the instructions.. with key in "on".. i couldn't engage reverse. I had to start the car and it worked.
  9. the base colours will be matt in look and texture. You can add metallizer (which I did) or pearlizer coating for the additional effect you want. Can add on a final coat of glossifier (which I did too) to get the smoother gloss look. you can google those terms I highlighted in bold to see how they work and their effect. The cool thing about plastidip is that it can easily DIY and if you muck it up or don't like the final effect (cos of newbie limited experience), you can always tear it out and redo it again.
  10. Bro, for plasticdip the finishing surface seem not so will not be smooth??
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  12. At step 3, press button 1 instead of button 2. This is for right hand drive vehicles.
  13. Bro, pm-ed u..
  14. I did for my last ride (Front grille, headlamp chrome trimmings and rear emblems) Easily DIY. Just need to prep the surface carefully. Intending to do so for my GLC once I sort out if I want to dechrome via wrap or plastidip.
  15. http://【奔驰GLC后雾灯罩 奔驰GLC前护角 GLC后雾灯框 前护角 防撞条饰条】 点击链接,再选择浏览器打开;或复制这条信息¥yfXZ056MJF6¥后打开👉手机淘宝👈
  16. http://【奔驰C200L E300L GLC260 CLA180A200 GLA200 E200L全包围汽车脚垫】 点击链接,再选择浏览器打开;或复制这条信息¥E2i9056MheR¥后打开👉手机淘宝👈
  17. I went through the steps but somehow it does not work for some reasons Wonder where I went wrong?
  18. I dunno, but found 1 local seller on Carousell, Mercedes GLC Spoiler for S$250 on #carousell
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  20. Hi, Thought of changing my current original 18" to either 19" or 20". Which size will be better? Any photo to show for 19" or 20" Thanks
  21. That number is only UK.. it is 1 million cars world wide, including 495000 in US..
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