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  2. This feature is called Collision Prevention Assist-Plus.
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  4. My soft top will have a slightly louder "bang" sound at the last part of the closing process. Is it normal or some parts are giving way soon?
  5. Hi! I'm keen. However, will it be too troublesome for you to arrange for us a Suite room cos might be bringing my helper to take care of my 2+yr boy.
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  7. Pls pm me price and details for W207 sprint booster. How long will the installation take?
  8. Mine ride Oct 2016 just changed too ...send in last Wed 16 Aug for noise check when turning, Start / stop rarely comes in nowadays, IU drop off and tranny s/w update (sudden speed up), after I heard various fellow drivers feedback to the Technicians on noise, sudden speed up, battery during the "CLA night" at the end of last month. my ride is also 10 months old with c&c installed car cam... sent back for above mentioned inspection, servicing and troubleshooting: 1) the SA told me replace main battery due to low charge and new battery warranty still not extended remain Oct 2018. 2) noise from LH front when turning right eliminated by lube and recalibrated suspension settings 3) tranny s/w updates 4) renew IU double sided tape 5) Sudden brake is normal due to adaptive brake assist activated when near front vehicle during accelerating at traffic light My mileage is low 11660km. Mostly...South to West...9 KM each way (5 days); city - 1-2 days Averaging 8.3 l/100km Collected this evening after test drive around Queenstown / Alexandra Hope issues resolved, shall monitor closely
  9. W204 original exhaust-$100 w204 original head unit Lcd display-$100 W204 original absorber front n back-$250 full set w204 original grill-$50 please call 94893868 all use less then 20k
  10. Maybe u can check with nightzconcept for those aftermarket interior lights.
  11. Hi all, 28 cars and 60+ people coming along for this trip! Just 2 cars shy of a 30 cars convoy up north, for a memorable 10 years anniversary of SGMERC success and friendship made here!! For some of you who are still deciding, mai tu liao lah. Don't say bor jio! It's just 2D1N and there will be lots of fun! Do PM myself or 81111999 for more information. See you at the trip!
  12. Sim auto center. Buy parts from Goldenlink on 2nd floor and change on 3rd floor. Change of front Rotor and Brake Pads. $180/both front pad & rotor.
  13. So bro why do you want the A180? because it drives well? Powerful? FC? if you have a good reason and it's not merely the badge, you will enjoy it more.. furthermore if you have been using the Toyota or Honda service centers, you won't find the maintenance of an entry level merc to be too high ..
  14. Welcome, looking for preowned or new? PI or C&C?
  15. 5mths into ownership and I am loving my ride! One thing for sure, its not common to come across a GLC coupe like a Vezel. My usual FC cost me no more than $150 a mth... Road tax payable next mth will be $1,069 for 6mths. Really no complaint so far. I guess other than my staggered wheels setup which doesn't allow me to rotate the tires, I will have very minimum maintenance for the ride apart from the 10k service interval. hope to join you guys for chit chat meet up soon! This is one handsome BEAST!
  16. Heard loud rattling sound when engine start... initially tot was tensioner belt... went to my regular workshop and to my horror the boss hear 1 time tell me cfm is cam gear ... he say recently jus did for another merc totally same sound... now must leave car for 2 days... damage $3k+ including replace gasket etc all in... anyone kana same issue?
  17. mine is the w221 pre-faclift model.. single ambient light.. checked with them and it requires to change the whole piece abt 3k for 4 doors and dashboard.. wonder anyone add those aftermarket LED or optic light to enhance the brightness..
  18. +10 !!! Correctly said!!!! :)...many stockist for merc la..sin ming drive blk32 there already u surely can get wat u with yellow sign board.
  19. Bro, if u buying brand new car why are u so concerned about parts ?? Nothing gonna spoil so fast!! As what the other said, it's about same and not much more. Just go to the correct place. "If need to think and count till like this" bring u more headaches!! buy car is happy thing ma....:)
  20. Hi everyone, just registered an account today to aid me in choosing my merc. Cheers
  21. In my opinion, Conti car parts are not necessary more expensive. Certain make do priced their parts way way above the sky, thats mainly because there isnt much competition around. For Merc in particular, there is many stockist here. Some parts are really reasonable. Same goes for workshop too.
  22. Thanks Bros/ Sis for your reply. To be exact, I am looking at the A180, Style. I understand that the parts will definitely be more expensive than Honda/ Toyota. But roughly around how many percent more? 10-15%? 30%? 40%? Just wanna make sure I can afford the maintenance before taking the plunge! :-)
  23. Selling off ......... Dekit For S Class W221 . 1) 19" AMG rim / rubber 70% $5800 These Rims are the highest range and most expensive of the AMG series 2) AMG BBK for S class (S65) $4800 Front and Rear. 1 of the AMG logo wear off . Pads changed 6 month ago. 3) S65 Body Kit - $6800 Front And Rear Bumper , AMG side Skirt, Roof and Booth Spoiler , Rear Lamp , Front Head Light With LED 4) Lorinser exhaust- $1500 With Certificate , LTA Approved . All the above Parts Are original Mercedes Benz Parts, need to exchange with your stock Parts . Call me to discuss 96949339
  24. I read tht change of tyres will elimate the crabbing...
  25. Kindly check out the works that we did for this Honda Vezel that came in with scratched front bumper solved! Call us now if your car needs a treatment too! Darren - 9822 8346 Shawn - 9731 7938
  26. ride model? u may want to check with elebest or sonic racing.
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