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  2. Filed under: Mercedes-Benz,Emerging Technologies,Infotainment,Luxury They can incorporate everything from steering wheel to HVACContinue reading Mercedes-Benz wants you to design immersive video games to play in autonomous cars Mercedes-Benz wants you to design immersive video games to play in autonomous cars originally appeared on Autoblog on Mon, 25 Mar 2019 12:20:00 EDT. Please see our terms for use of feeds. Permalink | Email this | CommentsView the full article
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  5. The most desirable luxury commodities in the 21st Century are private space and time View the full article
  6. 25th March 2019. Mercedes Benz CLA180 did customised Dimsport stage 2 tuning. Attached dyno chart.
  7. Hi guys, my c200 recently experienced a jerky change of gear especially in 3rd to 4th gear, the gear will always stuck at 3rd gear without moving to the 4th despite rpm over 3.5 in comfort mode. And the whole car keep jerking and the engine checklight just lighted up not long ago. This morning i brought the car to the eorkshop which they run a diagnostic test and they can’t seems to find any fault code. Could someone advise me what could be the reason? Thanks in advance
  8. First look at the tightly guarded upcoming Mercedes-Benz C-Class View the full article
  9. i did mine at wrapperbros you can find isaac contact on facebook. i won't say he is the cheapest but he give good ideas.
  10. Exciting new update: With our new tuning tool update, there is NO longer a need to open up ECUs (engine control unit) for tuning most of the modern Mercedes. This translates to a much quicker and safer tuning process. Contact us now for more info!
  11. Condition: 8/10 -Some blue paint chipped off but able to change to a color of your choice by rewrapping it at wrapshop - CF at bottom of steering abit chipped but not obvious Price: $1750 Interested pls whatsapp 97813392
  12. 25th March 2019. Mercedes Benz E200 doing B+ servicing with wear & tear items replaced.
  13. Jan 2019 GLC. Having this problem too. PI car. Just dropped by Optima. Apparently, this problem will be solved if we upgrade to the AMG brake kit. Damage around $1200. Any bros did that? Thanks
  14. You can chose to wrap it with black sticker or dechrome by plastic dip. Quite alot of pple can do if you search on line. For sticker, SGC (Johnson) sticker at Ubi is quite popular
  15. yes, all is good. been monitoring since March 4th, no fuel smell in engine bay. Had the car sitting for a whole week as well, restarted (no fuel smell)..... after a short drive, still no fuel smell... so all is good!
  16. This immaculate Honda Jazz came in with a badly damaged front bumper that requires replacement. The replacement process isn't just a remove and install. As seen in the "Before" pictures, the stock bumper came un-painted. S M Spray Painting will have to go through the hundreds of colour code under the Blue category to match its existing colour. The team will then put their skills into the spray painting. The Honda Jazz is now as good as new. The bumper now gets a fresh new look with an added shine thanks to Spies Hecker Car Spray Paint & MIPA Lacquer. For more information, please feel free to contact:Jack 9681 7081Darren 9822 8346Connect with us at
  17. Thanks for sharing!! I am going to send mine to agent next week... I have this petrol smell every morning after more then 12 hours of parking...
  18. Hi SQ88, good day and thanks for the valuable information. It makes more sense to just change the seal
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  20. Selling w204 17” original stock rim for $200 (4 pcs) respray to black, a little kerb rash
  21. Hi, Please advise me how to change the aluminium and silver parts of the car like grill, window trim to black color. Information like the method, cost and vendor will be very useful. Thank you.
  22. 23rd March 2019. Mercedes Benz C180 Kompressor changed front wheel bearings and brake pads.
  23. Tuning can be grouped into 2 kinds. Customised ECU Tuning and also Piggyback tuning Piggyback This kind of tuning make use of a separate computer to do modify perimeter to the car's ECU and make more power. They typically read AF Ratio and Boost pressure. You can typically expect 15-20% gain from such modification which is lesser than Custom tuning which can yield 20-30%. Reason being, Piggyback tuning make use of a One Size fits all solution, these chips are sold to cars all over the world and have different climate. Thus the tuning on the device itself has a wider band to prevent any mishap... Custom Tuning Custom tuning is like teaching your ECU all over again, tuners are able to tweak timing, AF Ratio, Boost according to the parts you upgraded, the fuel you use for your vehicle. This simply means that your car is better optimised for the climate, parts and petrol and squeeze the most power out of it. However, custom tune carries a risk if its not done right, where instances the car is tuned too lean and the engine gets very hot. Thus do your own due diligence when selecting a tuner. Lastly for your question on how it affects ECO/COMFORT/SPORTS mode. The answer is, all range improve accordingly.
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