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  2. Can try chip soon, they are good in conti cars. Price wise not the cheapest but they are serious with their work. Btw, me not related or affiliated with them.
  3. 1. X156 is the model for GLA 2. Should be ntg 5 for newer models after 2016. Audio 20 is the base. Command online is the upgraded version. 3. change to Android headunit means take out the audio 20 4. Dun think so. 5. dun think can unless use those Velcro type
  4. Hey seniors, Paiseh, need to ask to clarify some things. Tried to search online for answers but still kinda confused. I bought a new GLA180 Urban Edition this year from PI. 1) Is X156 same as W156? 2) On paper, it states that it comes with Audio 20 system. Is it same as NTG5.0? Reason I ask is I am hoping to upgrade the 8" screen to a 10.25 Android Touchscreen and I must choose between NTG4.5 and NTG5.0. 3) My system comes with support for wired Apple Carplay and Android Auto. If I upgrade to 10.25" Android Touchscreen, will the same capabilities remains? Or do I still have to buy separate Apple Carplay? 4) Any way to update the CDplayer to DVDplayer? 5) Anyone mounted a headrest monitor for the passenger? My seats do not come with adjustable headrest (with 2 metal rods to mount) like normal cars, so not sure to mount a small monitor to entertain the kids. Any suggestions and answers are appreciated! Dun scold me hor... I really tried to look for answers... still learning. Thanks in advance!
  5. hi have been following this recently as Ive acquired a 2006 w211 and live in east. may I ask what workshop you refer to here? maybe can go there for my servicing and others..
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  7. 28th March 2020. Mercedes Benz GLA200 doing servicing and spark plugs renewal.
  8. 28th March 2020. Mercedes Benz C180K doing dimsport stage 3 tuning. Attached dyno chart.
  9. You can buy a new one from CnC - should be about $170. Go to CnC Alexandra & go to the service counter and show them what you wanna buy. if they’ve stock, you get in immediately or other CnC Service Centre has, they will order for you or direct you to which CnC
  10. I do not know them but imho buy the car that’s already in the showroom. You buy what you see!
  11. I do not know exactly the shapes of your door pockets & arm rests. Search eBay you should be able to find the right ones. For a start search eBay UK
  12. Look for this - do let me know if you have a new/newish one to sell. Thanks.
  13. i asked seller which you linked to RHD and they mentioned they are all LHD.
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  15. Hi I intend to get my A200 from Zion Auto Gallery. Any review on this PI?
  16. 27th March 2020. Mercedes Benz A200 with certified cat back exhaust doing dimsport stage 1 tuning with full option parts. Attached dyno chart.
  17. Have the following for sale GCG 5452R rated 550hp Hybrid turbo - $1700 (still under warranty) Turbosmart BOV Kompact dual port - $270 Airtec front mount charge/inter cooler - $600 Forge DSG oil cooler - $750 3.5" Downpipe made from S304 steel - $600 Megan racing front strut bar - $150 AEM meth kit - $500 All items listed are ard 6 months old, if take all items above will give good price. Will consider reasonable offers for items Text me for fast deal 85226604
  18. Dear S-Class Owners, We got a ready stock for Facelifted AMG & Non-AMG Conversion Bodykits & Lamps Ping us for FL conversion Donor: Local Scrap Car Don't be shy to contact us, Call us +65 62690215 Whatsapp us: +65 85198833 Facebook Chat: https://m.me/Propelauto SG Carousell: https://sg.carousell.com/propelauto/ Quote SGMerc to get SPECIAL discount % for our SGmerc users only
  19. 26th March 2020. Full of Mercedes Benz cars in the house! I am Glad to see this, Especially at this very difficult times. Thank you all DTC supporters.
  20. 26th March 2020. Mercedes Benz C180 doing turbo refurbishment and diverter solenoid renewal.
  21. 26th March 2020. Mercedes Benz C180K changing out faulty ECU with new piece. Tuning for stage 3 mod.
  22. 26th March 2020. Mercedes Benz CLA180 installing GFB BOV and BMC intake filter.
  23. 26th March 2020. Mercedes Benz GLA180 changing front rotors, dixcel premium brake pads and wear indicator wire.
  24. 25th March 2020. Mercedes Benz CLA 45 doing leak test troubleshooting.
  25. 25th March 2020. Mercedes Benz E300 cabriolet doing stage 1 dimsport tuning with full option parts. Attached dyno chart.
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